Lowes refrigerator in Spanish, lowes lager in spain

The Lowes fridge is a small refrigerator that sits in the middle of a supermarket in Spain’s Andalusian province.

The small refrigerator is actually one of the few remaining high-quality refrigerators in the world, as the country struggles with food shortages.

In 2013, Spain’s food system was hit by a severe food crisis, with an average of 10 million people needing food assistance.

The situation is worsening rapidly.

The country’s government recently passed a law that requires supermarkets to open in 24 hours on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, but this has led to some shortages of refrigerators and the closure of some restaurants and cafes.

As of March 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAS) had recorded 1,964 cases of diarrhoea in the country’s supermarkets.

The problem was worsened by the collapse of the countrys food industry in the 1980s, as large-scale industries were replaced by smaller and less efficient ones.

As a result, the availability of food has become limited, making the lives of many Spanish families extremely difficult.

The fridge’s owner, Roberto de la Cruz, is an avid beer drinker.

“When I bought this fridge, I bought it for a friend who has been living in Spain for ten years,” he told New Scientist.

“He’s very happy with the fridge and he always drinks the beer in it.”

He said that it is a rarity to find a good-quality fridge in Spain, and it has been especially hard for the poor.

The low-quality products are often made of paper, which, for those in poorer families, can be a problem for people with diabetes.

“I know many people in the city of Barceloneta who are diabetic and have diabetes, but the quality of the food is so poor that they can’t even afford to buy it,” he said.

“The beer has a flavour similar to ice cream, so they don’t want to eat it.”

De la Cruz has made several attempts to improve the fridge’s quality, but has had little luck.

“Most of the time, the company makes changes that will improve the quality, like putting a lid on the shelves,” he explained.

“But they can only do this once, so sometimes they have to change the shelves in order to have more space to put the beer.”

In some cases, they even have to sell off some of the shelves because they can not afford to replace them with a new one.

But, according to de la Castro, there are some good companies who make high-end products that are produced in Spain.

“A lot of the beer that is made in Spain is produced by one of these companies.

They make quality beers for their own market, but also for a huge variety of other countries,” he added.

In addition to the limited availability of good quality products, the country also has some of its biggest food shortages, with food prices skyrocketing.

The price of the average Spanish meal has risen by more than 30% over the past five years, according for example to a report by the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Planning (MINES).

In the case of a standard, 2-course meal costing 2,600 euros, the cost has increased by 40% since 2012.

At the same time, in 2015, a report from the UN found that in the EU, food prices rose by 30% in the first six months of 2017.

According to de los Santos, the problems are caused by poor policy on the part of the government, which has not invested enough in improving the quality and sustainability of the agriculture sector.

“People are starving because the government doesn’t want people to grow food,” he remarked.

“It’s a shame that people are starving, but it’s not because there isn’t enough food.

It’s because there is no policy.”

The government has been working on an ambitious plan to improve food security, but says that it will take several years to implement it.

The Ministry of Economy and Development (MINEDES) has proposed the creation of a new agricultural research and development agency to boost the efficiency of the Spanish food system.

However, some experts worry that the government will not be able to get its act together.

“They will say that they are investing, but they will never have enough funds to invest in improving food security,” said Pedro Arregui, a food expert at the Institute of Food and Agriculture, which is part of MINES.

“This is a great opportunity for the government to invest, but unfortunately it won’t be implemented.

This means that the food system is not in a good state, and food prices will continue to rise,” he concluded.

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