How to get your refrigerator’s temperature down to a comfortable level

The average refrigerator in the United States will warm up to 65 degrees Fahrenheit by the time it’s emptied, according to research by research firm Nielsen.

But if you’re trying to keep your refrigerator in a safe, cool spot, you can use some common sense.

The coldest temperature in the fridge is normally a safe level of around 20 degrees Fahrenheit, according the Nielsen research.

But, because many refrigerators in the U.S. are designed to keep a certain temperature below that safe threshold, you might be able to keep some of your fridge’s internal temperature down.

Here’s how to do that.

To get your fridge to keep its temperature below 20 degrees, simply turn on the refrigerator’s fans.

The fans will keep the temperature below the safety threshold.

But once the temperature drops below that level, the fan will stop.

The safest way to keep an average refrigerator at 30 degrees Fahrenheit is to place the refrigerator in your garage, but that will require a little more caution.

If you don’t have a garage, you could simply remove the fridge from the garage and place it in a closet or in the garage with a fan.

You can also store your refrigerator somewhere in the house where it won’t get any direct sunlight and keep it cool at night.

The average refrigerator inside a home will warm to around 65 degrees by the middle of the month, according Nielsen.

That’s about 2 degrees cooler than the safest temperature to keep the refrigerator at.

If you have a refrigerator with a vent in it, you won’t need to turn the fans on because it will continue to warm up even as the vent closes.

If the vent doesn’t close, you’ll need to open the vent and keep the air circulating in your fridge until the vent shuts off.

If your refrigerator doesn’t have vents, you will need to shut off the fan, turn off the air conditioning, and close the fridge completely.

If the air is still coming in, you may need to move your fridge around to get the temperature back down to normal.

If that doesn’t work, you’re probably doing it wrong.

You’ll need a vent, so you can shut off or vent the air out of the fridge.

If all else fails, you should try sealing the door so it doesn’t leak any water.

If a refrigerator has an internal vent, the air will continue circulating inside, and that will keep your fridge warm.

If your fridge is outside and it’s outside at room temperature, it’s going to be warmer inside than outside.

The colder the temperature inside your fridge, the better.

But keep in mind that some refrigerators are designed with an internal air temperature, and even those that don’t actually have vent holes are going to warm to higher temperatures as they cool.

If a refrigerator is outside in the wintertime, the interior will warm, but outside temperature will decrease.

And, because the air inside your refrigerator is going to keep it from venting, you shouldn’t turn the fan on unless you want it to make a big noise.

If it does, you probably don’t need it.

When the fridge cools down, the temperature will drop down to where it’s safe to close the door.

If all else doesn’t fail, close the refrigerator and leave it in the closet.

If there’s an internal thermostat in your refrigerator, the fridge will remain at that temperature for a while.

The thermostats in the refrigerator keep it at a comfortable temperature when it’s turned on, but the temperature decreases as the thermostatic switch is turned off.

To shut the thertoff off, the refrigerator needs to be opened, turned off, and opened again.

If an internal temp sensor doesn’t detect a higher temperature, the thertopat may not be working properly, so turn the therf on and let it run for a few minutes before shutting the door and sealing it.

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