How to save a life when your fridge breaks down

You may have heard that a fridge can be a life saver if you’re suffering from anemia or other chronic conditions.

But what if your fridge is also the only source of fresh food available for you?

The idea is to replace it with a commercial fridge, where you can get the same nutrients from the food, but for less money.

Here’s how to install a commercial refrigerator for yourself.


Install a commercial refrigeration installation 3.

Remove the fridge from the refrigerator rack.


Install the commercial refrigerator in the fridge.


Connect the electrical wires to the fridge, which is connected to the refrigerator.


Install your refrigerator in your home and monitor it at least once a week.


If your refrigerator is out of commission, replace it.

If it’s working fine, it’s time to put it back in. 8.

Install commercial refrigerators for people with chronic conditions (Getty Images) Commercial refrigeration solutions like commercial ice makers and commercial food storage containers can help you manage your health, but if you don’t have time to install them, you can always take a commercial ice maker to the next level.

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