When to stop and smell the flowers

Irish supermarkets are selling flower trays and bouquets for less than the price of a loaf of bread.

The move by some Irish supermarkets has been greeted with scepticism by consumers.

In an attempt to tackle this, one of the leading manufacturers of flower trimmers is offering a limited time deal to its customers.

The offer is for a limited number of customers to get a $50 discount for purchasing flower trims, up to $150 worth of flowers per trimmer.

The flower trimmer is designed to help customers to take their flowers to the gardener, who will then remove the flower, rinse it off and then use it to create a bouquet or other gift.

To qualify for the offer, the flower trim must be of a certain size and be a non-refrigerator type of flower, and must have the proper label.

To qualify for this offer, customers must have a minimum of one flower trimming unit in stock.

While this is a limited offer, it is not a sign of the industry’s slowing.

In January, an Irish supermarket chain, Supervalu, sold an offer of up to 40 per cent off flower trimmings, but the company was quick to point out that the deal was only for a one-off.

“This is not an offer to buy flower trams, the same deal as the ones available at a supermarket,” said the Supervalue spokesman, Patrick Byrne.

“We are not selling the product on a regular basis, and this offer is only available for a small number of people, not in our stores.”

The Irish Farmers Federation says flower trammers are a major part of the supply chain in the country.

A spokesperson for the federation said the Irish flower trampoline industry was worth up to €50 million a year.

If you’re looking for something to do, you can purchase flowers from one of a number of flower shops around the country, said the spokesperson.

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