Aventa to replace the low-cost refrigerator in a $1,000 GE refrigerator

Aventaa, Sweden (AP) GE will replace the high-end GE refrigerators that retail for $1.50 per hour with the low cost Avanti, according to a memo from GE’s corporate vice president of manufacturing.

The Avanti GE40 will be available in 2018, and it will be priced at $9.99 per hour.

GE announced last month that it was replacing its high-priced GE refrigeration with the Avanti in order to compete with low-priced refrigerators.

GE had said the low prices were a cost-cutting measure.

The company’s low-end refrigerators are a bit cheaper than its high end refrigerators, but their capacity is limited compared to the high end, and they are not as flexible or efficient.

GE’s low cost is not unique to refrigerators though.

In 2014, a GE refrigerator sold for $8.99 a week in Europe and $13.99 in the U.S. The low price was driven by the fact that GE had developed a range of low-voltage AC chargers, which allow it to charge up to 50% more energy per hour than its more expensive GE models.

That means that low-price refrigerators can charge a little more than 50% of the energy of their higher-priced counterparts, which is more than many other manufacturers.

GE also made the change with the aim of bringing more customers into the refrigerator business.

But there are a lot of consumers who want the option of a cheaper refrigerator than the high quality GE models, and the Avantis are aimed at them.

Avanti uses a different manufacturing process that allows it to offer more flexibility than a traditional GE refrigerator.

The refrigerators will also be available with a smaller capacity and are more energy efficient than other GE models that offer similar functionality.

GE is planning to make the Avante GE40 and the low end refrigeration the standard refrigerators in the coming years.

The new refrigerators could be available for the end of 2019 or 2020.

GE has been making low- cost refrigerators since the early 1990s.

Its first low-power refrigeration, the Avanta GE-40, sold for around $8 per hour in 2007.

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