How to save your fridge if it breaks

Dacor, a top rated refrigerator maker, is announcing a new refrigerator with a 12 volt power supply that will run for about a month on a single charge.

The company says the 12 volt unit is designed for home use, but it is available for commercial use in a variety of applications.

“The 12 volt is ideal for the home because it provides power at a very low voltage and is more efficient than an internal 12 volt system,” Dacors president John Waddell said in a press release.

“This 12 volt has an energy density of less than 1 watt-hour per cubic foot of volume.”

“Dacors 12 volt refrigerators will work for most applications, including residential and commercial applications, and will be available in two versions: a 12-volt version and a 12.5 volt version.”

The company has designed the refrigerator with two different power levels.

The 12 volt model will run up to 10 hours, while the 12.1 volt model has an expected life of 6 months.

The fridge can be purchased through its website for $499.99.

The company also has a 12 Volt refrigerator for home and commercial use.

It will run 12 hours per charge and has a life expectancy of 10 years.

“We have developed a 12v refrigerator to meet our customer needs and to make refrigeration easier,” Daccor’s Waddel said.

The new fridge will be sold through a partnership with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

The group represents manufacturers, manufacturers’ groups and utilities that provide electricity to the electric power grid.

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