‘I’m going to be a normal dad’: Dad’s ‘perfect gift’ to his teenage daughter’s mother

Posted March 15, 2020 17:01:49 “I’m gonna be a dad.

I’m not a typical dad.

He’s going to do a great job,” he said.

“He’s going get the family together.

He’ll be a great dad.”

But what would his daughter’s mum, Stephanie, think?

A lot.

“It’s a very special moment,” she said.

“I’ll never forget the day my daughter got home, the first time I saw him.

I was so happy, because I knew I was gonna be doing something amazing.”

What could his daughter do with her dad’s gift?

Stephanie, now 18, said she could have used it to help her mother with her homework.

“She’ll do it on her own, and I think it would’ve been good to help,” she joked.

“But I think she’s going have to come up with something.”

Ms Kavita, who was born with a rare genetic condition that affects her kidneys, is now doing a master’s degree in nutrition at the University of NSW.

Her dad, Mark, who works as a chef in Sydney, has been taking the children to visit the school where he worked before he took up his new role as a father.

He is the first father she has ever seen, and she said it made her “feel really special”.

“I think he’s done something special for her, and it’s amazing, and that’s something you just never see, she said of her dad.

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