Kenmore refrigeration unit sells out as supply dwindles

The shelves at Kenmore, one of the world’s largest refrigeration suppliers, are running dry.

The company’s refrigeration division, which makes more than a billion units of refrigeration per year, said last week that it had lost the ability to deliver its products to its customers, many of whom depend on the refrigerated goods they purchase.

The shutdown of the company’s North American warehouse means it will not be able to ship its refrigerated products to customers for up to two weeks.

A spokesman for Kenmore said the company had ordered two more refrigeration units and that its inventory of the units would be replenished in the coming days.

“The availability of refrigerated ice will not significantly impact the ability of Kenmore to supply the customers with our products, which include frozen desserts and frozen desserts for use in ice cream making,” Kenmore spokesman Paul Kallinen said in a statement.

Kenmore also plans to resume production of its ice cream and ice cream bars this week.

In an emailed statement to Reuters, Kenmore’s CEO, Gary C. Ketcham, said the unit shutdown had impacted his company’s ability to fulfill its obligations and that it is looking to reopen within the next few days.

He said he has been in touch with the company, which he described as “a great family” and said he is “thrilled” by the response.

“It’s not just the ice cream, but also the products like the ketchup, the salad dressings, the baked goods, the pasta sauces, the desserts,” he said.

Kenmore’s shutdown is the latest in a string of disruptions that have hurt the company in recent years.

In 2016, the company announced that it was going out of business.

In October, the ice maker announced it was cutting 1,500 jobs.

Last year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a ban on some Kenmore products.

The frozen dessert and frozen dessert bar market is a particularly sensitive one for the company because it is a staple of many families, and because of the popularity of its frozen desserts.

This is the second shutdown in a week at Kenymount.

Last week, the manufacturer said it would stop selling its frozen dessert products to restaurants in New York City.

Last month, Kenymont announced it would halt the manufacture of ice cream in several markets, including Los Angeles and Boston.

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