Avanti refrigerator set to hit Australian market, supply chain ready

AVAI’s standard refrigerator is expected to be available for purchase in Australia later this year.

The company is now targeting the European market with the first-ever AVAIs in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The refrigerators, which are built by Avanti, are designed to help keep people in their homes at night and help keep food fresh and healthy.

In Europe, the AVAis feature a built-in fan, which allows for better cooling of food.

The AVAi can also be used as a home air purifier, so that it can keep air circulating and maintain its quality.

It can also run on batteries for up to 12 hours, which will also help with the AHA.

“We’re trying to make it affordable for consumers, because the refrigerators are going to be in the market for a long time,” Avanti CEO and founder Simon Bremmer told news.com:au.

He said the refrigerator will be available in the UK and other countries by the end of 2019.

“If we don’t get the right deal done in Europe we’re looking at a full-scale rollout across the world,” he said.

The standard refrigerator comes with a wide range of features.

The first model, which is currently available for $399.99, has a built in fan that can operate at temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius.

A second model, priced at $399, comes with an air purifying feature and a range of air filters, including those from AVA.

In addition to air filters that purify air, it has a smart thermostat and a USB port.

The third model, with an extra $399 option, is a three-seater refrigerator.

It has a range to fit up to four people and is equipped with an automatic freezer, a smart temperature control, and a built on LED display.

The final model, available for an extra price of $499.99 ($400 less than the standard refrigerator), has an extra set of features and features that make it easier to cook meals.

The fridge comes with six ovens, a water heater, and an automated fridge.

Avanti said it will roll out the refrigeration in the EU and the US over the coming months.

“It’s very important that we get it right,” Mr Bremmers said.

“The AHA has a history of being the best way to ensure we have quality refrigeration, and the AVIAs are the best refrigerators available today.”

The company has also started shipping its refrigeration to other countries.

“In Australia, we have had to take a very tough line with our suppliers, but we are working really hard with our European suppliers to ensure that we have a high standard for refrigeration,” Mr Lister said.

Mr Bremers said Avanti had “hugely underestimated” the impact that refrigeration had on the health of people.

“When we start to see that the refrigerated air is not really safe, when we see people who have been diagnosed with the respiratory conditions that are caused by poor air quality, it’s a real concern for the health and wellbeing of people,” he added.

The refrigerator was developed by Avantia in 2012, but the company now has more than 600 employees.

The products are expected to arrive in stores this month.

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