Homeowners in Washington, D.C., can get their pet food delivered by the trucker

Owners of large households in Washington state can get a free trucking service to deliver their pet foods to their homes by using a trucker that works for R1234YF refrigerant and R1233YF dog food from a warehouse that can be rented out for a low fee.

The service, called FedEx Freight, has been available in Washington for more than a year and allows owners to pay the freight forwarders for the food, the Washington Post reported.

The company offers a wide variety of packages, including a small bag of chicken and a large bag of beef.

The companies said the delivery service is available for about $1,000 per month for a 12-month lease, or $2,500 per month if the truck is rented out.

The services are not for pet food or pet foods only, but also for dry goods like baby formula, pet hair shampoo and pet food for birds.

“It’s a great opportunity for owners of small homes to receive a full package of food and pet products, regardless of the size of their household,” said Jennifer Storrs, vice president of communications at FedEx Freights.

“This service provides a great option for those with smaller homes to access a wide range of products and services for their pets.”

The company said that in addition to shipping the food and supplies, it also offers a shipping service for pets with allergies, which is not covered by the service.

“We’re proud to offer this service to our customers in Washington State,” said Chris McDaniel, president of FedEx Freighters, in a statement.

“The trucks provide a convenient way to deliver food, pet products and other pet essentials to our truckers, while also providing a great way to enjoy the weather while they do it.”

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