How to avoid getting sick from a fridge

Posted October 14, 2018 11:02:54In a recent article for Ars Technic, The Verge’s Josh Norris shared the secrets of using a Samsung smart fridge, a refrigerator paint that turns food into probiotics in a matter of minutes, and the probiotic cycle for making food more palatable.

The article details the use of the refrigerator paint and how to make it work without needing a microwave.

Norris says the paint is essentially a sprayer that is able to be used on food.

The paint works by using a liquid-based liquid as a medium.

It dries on food and can be used to produce bacteria that is then transferred to the food and probiotics.

Norris uses a spray gun and a vacuum cleaner to do the work, but says you can use a blender to make the process easier.

Norris also explains how the paint works:It works by applying a mixture of a liquid that contains bacteria (like probiotics) and some paint.

It then dries, which makes the paint more viscous.

The paint absorbs paint as it dries and is a great way to create a paint that is easier to work with and also easier to clean.

Norris explains the process:After about 30 minutes, the paint dries to a soft, shiny finish, and then the paint begins to dry, which also means it’s a great surface for the paint to stick onto.

Norris and his friend Matt Toth used this process to create the paint for their new probiotic-making fridge.

Toth, a mechanical engineer who has a degree in chemical engineering, said he had used a blender for the first time to make paint, and it worked.

He says the spray gun was the only way to get the paint onto food.

Towards the end of the article, Norris explains that the paint can be put in a plastic bag and sealed with a sealant and vacuum cleaner.

Todays article can be found here and on the Verge.

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